Hakea Grove has a very inclusive caring culture within the team. The focus is ensuring residents feel right at home. We are continuously looking to improve our staff skills and knowledge by offering education and mentoring.
Hakea is governed by a Board of Directors, the CEO is at the head of operations and works closely with the leadership team.

The Hakea Grove Team

Meet the leadership team

Jo Heslin
Jo HeslinCEO
Jo has an extensive background in leadership and Aged Care ranging from Managing a retirement village to growing the Meals on Wheels organisation in the New England region. She is very passionate about holistic outcomes for residents and enjoys working with a dedicated team from all walks of life.
Michelle Tomlins
Michelle TomlinsClinical Care Manager
The Clinical Care Manager is an extensive role that spands from the training and development of all clinical staff through to the day to day operations of the clinical care team.
Michelle has an extensive background in clinical excellence and leadership and a passion for working with the elderly. Michelle works closely with our Nurse Practitioner and extended clinical staff.
Claire Abbott
Claire AbbottNurse Practitioner
Hakea Grove is currently one of the only residential homes on the Central Coast to appoint a full time Nurse Practitioner.
Claire Abbott is an award winning professional and recognised leader in her industry.
As a trained Nurse Practitioner, Claire is able to complete many tasks normally performed by a GP.
It is essential that the residents of Hakea Grove are offered all the convenience, comfort and choice they need. Providing a point of difference within residential care homes on the Central Coast, Claire strives to ensure each of these needs are met. She has a particular focus on treating those suffering from acute illness or palliative care.
Jo Luhr
Jo LuhrNurse Specialist
Jo has worked in dementia specific care for over 30 years with over 40 years aged care experience with a Masters of Dementia Care. Dementia care is a passion and interest of Jo’s and is a growing issue within our community because people are living longer we are seeing people the incidents of people living with dementia is increasing and as such we need to ensure that we use best practise dementia principals to ensure that we provide quality aged care for our residents. Part of Jo’s role is to educate the carers and the families and the friends on what the dementia journey is all about and what can be expected and how best to support a loved one who is living with dementia.