Following a review of the Department of Health advice,  and a discussion with the residents over the past few days, it has been decided at the COVID management meeting yesterday afternoon  that staff & visitors will not be wearing masks as a mandatory requirement as of  Tuesday 27th October 2020.

Visitors can still chose to wear a mask. There may also be circumstances whereby a staff member wishes to wear a mask. Some of our team have vulnerable family members at home.

However there are some circumstances when masks will be mandatory. For example:

  • Visitors for palliative residents who have come from Sydney or a hotspot area.
  • Contractors & delivery drivers
  • If we have a resident with respiratory symptoms that are not usual for that resident. All staff working in that area/floor will be then required to wear masks until cleared through the meeting. This will be determined through the COVID management meeting or by a member of the clinical management team. If this occurs we will communicate with all.

Physical distancing wherever and whenever possible is still required.

There will still be no visitors from hotspots permitted. Children who wish to visit need to have a flu vaccination, this is a government requirement.

Scheduled times for visits will continue. Weekends are being considered but requests are welcome for extraordinary visits due to other commitments or for special events. Social leave is reviewed on a case by case basis at our meetings. This process hasn’t changed. We will continue to review Hakea guidelines alongside recommendations from our peak bodies, the departments and risk.

Pre-screening and all other guidelines as per the Department of Health will remain.

We will be watching closely for the NSW numbers and at anytime we feel risk is climbing, or a case appears in the Central Coast, we will be back to mask wearing (so don’t throw them away just yet!)

I sincerely thank you for your perseverance of mask wearing. And for your continued commitment to hygiene practices and infection control. This is vital to stop the spared of any illness and viruses. These practices must be maintained.

Thank you to the team for all they do for our wonderful residents. Any questions please email

Jo Heslin

Chief Executive Officer | Hakea Grove Aged Care

(02) 4346 0100  |