Our Head Chef Kyle Horton has fully embraced what she learned at a Maggie Beer Masterclass. Kylie excelled in a Creating An Appetite For Life Masterclass in Sydney last September and is now putting into practice all the tips she picked up on creating meals that taste and look amazing.

Following in Maggie’s footsteps, Kylie is “creating an appetite for life” by modifying pureed meals to look more like regular food.

Kylie says “I think the biggest tip I can give is give it a go. You never know what you might create unless you try. My cooks and I have had many failed attempts when making things. Some work – some don’t, but don’t get discouraged by it. Our residents with swallowing difficulties are counting on us to present them something that everyone would want to eat and to not feel saddened and upset by being forgotten about in regard to care and effort.

To read more about what Kylie and her team have implemented into the Hakea Grove kitchen please follow the links.